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The GAIA team is committed, passionate and determined to help you be the best you can be. Our skills and experience in adult learning, corporate communication, crisis management, journalism, learning and development, marketing and PR management all combine to offer you a potent, powerful mix of education that will help set you apart when it comes to leadership and communication. Compelling, strategic storytelling is what we do best. Let us show you how.

Jane (Janie) Jordan - Founder, Master Trainer & Coach

Jane (Janie) Jordan - Founder, Master Trainer & Coach                

Inspirational, driven and passionate are synonymous with GAIA founder and Master Coach, Jane Jordan who brings three decades of knowledge, skills and international experience to all that we do. Her philosophy of doing what it takes to get results for her clients, brings her unparalleled results in the training room, be that in the field or a Boardroom. Jane's deep thirst for knowledge and a desire to achieve the best for her clients and her team keeps GAIA abreast of trends. A former journalist and award-winning PR consultant, she likes to philosophise and dream big! GAIA is her vision and Jane brings her vast experience in communication management, crisis communication and, above all, her love of learning to all our work.

Christine Heard - Senior Coach, Facilitator & Harbinger of Fun

Christine Heard - Senior Coach, Facilitator & Harbinger of Fun

After 20 years of chatting to complete strangers about everything under the sun (that's what a career in journalism gives you) Christine knows for sure that she draws great energy and huge personal satisfaction from meeting, motivating and mentoring people. As GAIA Coaching Group's official harbinger of fun, she creates the fun that keeps a coaching session bubbling away with both energy and intensity. She'll be the first to celebrate your wins, and the last to let nerves affect your performance. With recognised qualifications in adult learning, media training, presentation, public speaking and compelling communication skills, Christine can create a bespoke program for your organisation that will bring out everyone's best. A firm believer in the power of good, honest, authentic communication, Christine achieves cut-through with even the toughest, change-resistant audiences, enabling them to think and act differently about their own communication. Here's to some fun learning!

Lia Harman - Executive Assistant

Lia is GAIA Coaching Group's resident mixologist. Like a good cocktail shaker, she has an incredible ability to bring many elements of the business together to create something very tasty! After completing a B.Comm - Marketing degree and working in marketing and admin roles in various industries, Lia decided to make her skills available to multiple organisations and started her own Virtual Assistant business. These days, she manages the GAIA team, its events and the overall sanity levels to great acclaim.

Nicholas (Nick) Jordan - Researcher, Storyteller


Nick is a communicator, an enthusiastic, compulsive storyteller. When he isn't working with GAIA to create and develop the stories of others, he writes and talks about eating, people and communities in Sydney. His food stories have been in the Sydney Morning Herald, Time Out, Broadsheet and the Guardian. His face has been on the ABC and his voice on 2SER talking about politics, eSports and the legislature of nudity. At GAIA he brings the best of his journalistic skills to the training room and to the back of stage, researching, writing and most enjoyably for him, talking.